22.11.2023 Update

A POP UP STORE for "Dia no A act II" will be held!

New goods using original illustrations and original mini-carry illustrations will also be on sale. A3 Corporation is pleased to announce the holding of a POP UP STORE for A of Diamonds act II, and the release of new merchandise to coincide with the event.

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The POP UP STORE for the popular baseball manga "Ace of Diamond act II" has been confirmed to be held at eeo POP-UP STORE from November 30th (Thursday)! "Ace of Diamond" is a baseball manga by Yuji Terajima that began serialization in 2006 in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" (Kodansha). The series continued as "Ace of Diamond act II" from 2015, and in October 2022, after a 16-year serialization, it came to an end.

The new products for this event feature a variety of goods using original illustrations from "Ace of Diamond act II," showcasing not only the characters but also revisiting intense and memorable scenes from the original manga. Additionally, there will be new merchandise featuring original mini-character illustrations drawn specifically for this occasion!

Furthermore, to enhance the three-dimensional experience of cherishing and reliving memories from the series, a valuable item in the form of Memory Blocks (three types) has been decided for release. We are excited to introduce these products to you!
【Event Information】
<Store Details>
■ Event Period: November 30th (Thursday) to December 10th (Sunday)
■ Event Location: eeo POP-UP STORE (formerly A3 Store)
※ Online orders are available throughout the event period.
※ As of November, "A3 Store" has been renamed to "eeo POP-UP STORE."
For more details on the changes, please visit: https://eeo.today/store/101/user_data/info230925

New merchandise featuring 12 designs and a total of 104 items, utilizing original illustrations from "Ace of Diamond act II" and original mini-character illustrations, has been released!

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"Ace of Diamond act II" follows Sawamura Eijun, who aimed for the "Junior High National Tournament" and joined the prestigious Seidou High School baseball team. Through this, he encounters teammates and rivals such as the ace catcher Miyuki Kazuya and the prodigious pitcher Furuya Satoru. The series follows the classic path of a baseball manga, igniting passion from junior high to high school baseball, all with the goal of reaching Koshien.

The series has been adapted into a TV anime and a musical, expanding its presence across various media. Now, new merchandise from this popular series is available for purchase at eeo Store (online). There are a whopping 104 items across 12 designs, perfect for collecting or decorating your room. These items feature precious illustrations and scenes from the series.

【Merchandise featuring Original Illustrations】
- Can Badges [57mm] (Sawamura Eijun BOX, Furuya Satoru BOX, Miyuki Kazuya BOX, Komatsu Haruichi & Kuramochi Youichi BOX, Seidou High School & other schools BOX, 8 types each/40 types in total)※
- Acrylic Cards Newspaper-Style Design BOX1 & BOX2 (10 types each/20 types in total)※
- Canvas Board Mini BOX1 & BOX2 & BOX3 (6 types each/18 types in total)※
- Large Acrylic Keyholder (6 types in total)
- Acrylic Diorama (2 types in total)
- REPLICA GENGA 3-piece set (2 types in total)
- Smaccha Stand (1 type in total)
- Acrylic Art Board (2 types in total)
- Clear Multi-case (1 type in total)

【Merchandise featuring Original Mini-Character Illustrations】
- Can Badges [57mm] (5 types in total)※
- Acrylic Mini Stand (5 types in total)※
- Flake Seals [5-piece set] (1 type in total)
- Character Clear Case [A5 size] (1 type in total)

<Characters featured in Original Mini-Character Illustrations>
Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru, Miyuki Kazuya, Komatsu Haruichi, Kuramochi Youichi

※Items marked with an asterisk (*) are blind items and can be purchased individually or as a complete set in a blind box.

Original Illustration Merchandise

Can Badges [57mm] (5 Boxes, 8 types each/40 types in total)

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The can badges being released this time have a diameter of 57mm. With a size that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, you can easily attach them to your bag without being cumbersome. This allows you to showcase and express support for your favorite characters.

The can badges feature a lineup centered around Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru, Miyuki Kazuya, Komatsu Haruichi, and Kuramochi Youichi. Characters from Seidou High School and other schools also make appearances.
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The Sawamura Eijun BOX, Furuya Satoru BOX, Miyuki Kazuya BOX, Komatsu Haruichi & Kuramochi Youichi BOX, and Seidou High School & other schools BOX will each be released separately. For those who want to collect badges featuring only their favorite characters, we recommend purchasing each Complete BOX.

Acrylic Cards in Newspaper-Style Design BOX1 & BOX2 (10 types each)

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Next up for introduction are the Acrylic Cards. With dimensions of approximately 9×7cm and made of sturdy acrylic, these clear cards have a substantial thickness, making them easy to carry in a planner or your card case.

The Acrylic Cards feature a sports newspaper-style design, showcasing players like Sawamura, Furuya, Miyuki Kazuya, and even Coach Kataoka Tetsujin. Collect these acrylic cards capturing memorable scenes, and enjoy imagining your own articles as you carefully curate your collection!

Canvas Board Mini BOX1 & BOX2 & BOX3 (6 types each)

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The Canvas Board Mini lineup includes boards where illustrations are printed on actual canvas fabric. With the vibrant colors unique to canvas fabric, you can fully appreciate the cool and playful scenes of the characters.

These mini canvas boards, measuring approximately 5×7cm, even come with an easel! They are easy to display on various surfaces such as desks or shelves, allowing you to enjoy the artwork in different settings.

Acrylic Diorama (2 types in total)

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The Acrylic Diorama is a stand-type item with a size of up to 30cm in width and height, where die-cut processed parts are inserted into the base for display. The depth creates a sense of three-dimensionality, providing a lifelike experience as if the characters are right in front of you! For this release, two variations are available: one featuring the Seidou High School members heading to a match from the bench, and the other depicting players gathered around Miyuki with their goals set.

Both scenes capture memorable moments from the original work, and by displaying them in your room, you might find yourself motivated and ready to tackle work or study with full determination!

Large Acrylic Keyholder (6 types in total)

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A large acrylic keyholder, prominently featuring the title of "Ace of Diamond act II," is also currently available! The large acrylic keyholder serves as a versatile item that can be used to decorate your bag, displayed as a collection in your room, and provides various ways to enjoy. With dimensions of approximately 10cm in both height and width, it's a size larger than the regular acrylic keyholders.

There are variations showcasing detailed close-ups of the expressions of Sawamura, Furuya, and Miyuki, as well as one featuring Komatsu Haruichi & Kuramochi Youichi, Okumura Koshu & Yui Kaoru & Yuki Masashi, and Narumiya Mei & Miyuki Kazuya with a dignified look. These designs create eye-catching items that add visual appeal to your collection.

"REPLICA GENGA" is available in sets of three, with a total of two variations.

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The lineup now includes "REPLICA GENGA," a set of three monochrome reproduced original drawings. The REPLICA GENGA features iconic scenes from the series, and the three-set variation for this release includes scenes where the coach and team members express their expectations for Sawamura, and another scene where Sawamura pitches with the seniors' feelings in his heart!

These replicas come in a larger size, B4 size (25.7×36.4cm). The combination of this size and the stylish monochrome finish makes them precious items that might inspire you to frame and display them.

Smartphone Character Stand (1 type in total)

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The "Smartphone Character Stand" is an acrylic smartphone stand. When the base is assembled, it allows your smartphone to stand, and there is also a hole at the bottom for passing through a charging cable. This makes it a versatile item that can be used effectively on desks or near beds.

For this release, the design features Miyuki Kazuya! With him as the design, placing your smartphone on it feels reassuring and adds a touch of character to your setup.

Acrylic Art Board (2 types in total)

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The Acrylic Art Boards are designed to evoke memories, making them perfect for displaying alongside Canvas Board Mini and Acrylic Cards.

One scene captures Sawamura's emotions on the mound, while another depicts Sawamura watching Miyuki put in effort. As you view these scenes, memories of related moments before and after also come to life.

The Acrylic Art Boards are A5 size (approximately 15×21cm) and come with a stand. They can be placed upright, allowing you to display them on a table, rack, or any preferred location for your viewing pleasure.

Clear Multi-case (1 type in total)

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A new product has been introduced, featuring a large design of Sawamura's expression as he gazes intently while wiping away sweat, seemingly focused on catching the catcher's sign!

The size is approximately 11cm in height, 7cm in width, and 1cm in thickness. This clear multi-case, with its transparent material, allows you to see the contents inside. It is a convenient item for storing acrylic cards, acrylic mini stands, and more.

Furthermore, it comes with a ball chain, making it easy to carry your favorite items. Attach it to your tote bag and head out without worrying about your cherished goods getting lost or mixed up inside your bag.

Goods using original mini-carrylast

Can badges [57mm] (5 types)

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Can badges using the original mini-carry illustrations are also on sale!
Just like the can badges using the original illustrations, the badges are 57mm in diameter and feature a close-up design of their faces.
The illustration shows Sawamura and the other five as gangsters, so you can enjoy a lot of unique expressions of the characters, such as Sawamura smiling, Furuya with a cool expression, and Miyuki with a smile that looks like he's up to something: ......!

Acrylic Petit Stand (5 types)

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The acrylic Petit Stand is an acrylic stand measuring approximately 7 cm in length and width. The compact size of the mini-carry lasts with the cuteness of a mini-carry last, and you can enjoy the figure dressed in a suit.
Haruichi with a confident expression, Kuramochi with his sunglasses ...... and their cool, cool expressions and poses are also noteworthy!

Flake stickers [set of 5] (1 total)

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Flake stickers with cute mini-carry illustrations are also available! 
These compact stickers are cut to match the illustrations, so they are perfect for sticking on your schedule book, or sticking on your accessory case or phone case as a fun item to add colour to your daily life.
Like the acrylic petit stands, you can look at the whole body, so why not stick them on your phone case and take them along as a reassuring companion when it's difficult to carry goods with you ......?

Carrier case [A5 size] (1 type)

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The Caracria Case (size: approx. 16 x 22 cm) is a rigid clear case useful for storing event tickets, postcards and other papers up to A5 size.
The case is designed with a fashionable background and features a group of the five characters Sawamura, Furuya, Miyuki, Haruichi and Kuramochi, giving it a mature and cool look.

Memory blocks are also available!

*Memory block actual photog...

*Memory block actual photographs of Haruichi Kominato, Yoichi Kuramochi and Mitsufune Okumura from the top of the image.

This year's edition featured Haruichi Kominato, Yoichi Kuramochi and Mitsunobu Okumura.

The design, with colour illustrations on the front and a full sprinkling of memorable scenes from the work on the back, brings back memories of reading the work and is an absolute must-have for fans.
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Memory Blocks are acrylic blocks measuring approximately 10 cm long x 15 cm wide and 2 cm thick, which means they can be displayed upright on a table or bookshelf.
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